The Confidence Coach

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The Confidence Coach

Woman to Woman

The Confidence Coach, Diane Davis-Bailey says:- 

Life is not easy! You work hard get your qualifications, get the house, the job the partner and then what?

What if you lose the house, because you lost the job, because you where raising the children that were produced with the partner?

You were the one woman cheering section to everyone around you and they have grown and left you!

It is nice to have the titles,wife, mother, grandmother, is it enough. Are you being

self -fish because you want to revisit the dreams you had as a girl.

It is time for the "resource" that is mature womanhood to take there rightful place in society. We know "stuff" and we are not planning on departing this earth without making our mark!

The Confidence Coach works in to ways. The first is to facilitate presentations to groups and associations.

The second is to work with individuals to develop techniques that will boost self-confidence. At "no time" will you be required to embarrass "yourself in the name of progress!"